A new index shows how to measure gender equality in the SDGs


Devex  | Wed, Sep 19, 2018

by Lisa Cornish


CANBERRA — In today’s development thinking, gender plays an key role — including in achieving the outcomes of the Sustainable Development Goals. But in progressing the SDG gender agenda, how do you create a solid set of data and monitor progress?

The SDG Gender Index, released by Equal Measures 2030 to coincide with a meeting in Canada of female foreign ministers, produces the starting base through an analysis and assessment of more than 250 data points related to 12 of the 17 SDGs with clear connections to gender equality.

The first iteration of the index is focused only on Colombia, El Salvador, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Senegal. These six countries are home to 22 percent of the world’s population of women and girls and constitute an important starting point to understanding the data challenges in measuring and monitoring progress on gender equality.

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