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BWC Announces Leadership Updates

Thu, Jun 18, 2020


The Bretton Woods Committee announces updates to leadership and strategic direction.  


(Washington, DC – June 18, 2020)  This year’s unprecedented challenges have underscored the urgent need to fortify and reform the key institutions of global economic and financial governance. Even before the coronavirus pandemic emerged, heightened volatility in both domestic financial markets and international capital flows, the unprecedented policy activism of central banks, and proliferating trade frictions had made evident that renewed global progress will require a stronger framework for multilateral cooperation. In fact, this theme dominated the Committee’s Bretton Woods@75 initiative and the resulting compendium volume that was released at the October 2019 Gala Dinner. 


The compelling case for systemic renewal spurred the Bretton Woods Committee to review its own mandate and organization, so it could better fulfill its mission under new circumstances. After consulting a core group of informed and thoughtful colleagues, we are revamping our leadership structure and operating model to fit the task at hand.  


  • We are recruiting a globally diverse and committed Board of Directors and Advisory Council. Already, more than two dozen global leaders have agreed to join us, and we will announce the complete new leadership team at the time of the IMF/World Bank annual meetings in October. 

  • Committee members Bill Dudley, Bill Rhodes, and John Lipsky are serving as an interim Executive Committee to actively drive the leadership transition until the formal Board of Directors is established. 

  • Part-time Executive Director Randy Rodgers will transition to the role of Vice-Chair, Finance, effective July 1. 

  • Deputy Director Emily Slater has been promoted to the role of full-time Executive Director, effective July 1. 


“Working together with Committee staff, we have created proposals that enhance the Committee’s leadership structure and mission,” said Executive Committee Chair, Bill Dudley. “Through a consultative process, we are pleased that a working group of interested, diverse and experienced Committee members and stakeholders have endorsed this vision. I look forward to announcing a new Board of Directors and Advisory Council this fall.” 


“The formation of the G20 Leaders process – and the group’s self-definition as ‘the premier forum…for international economic cooperation’ – justifies a broadening of the Committee’s focus,” said John Lipsky, Executive Committee. “The need to promote multilateral cooperation in matters of economic and financial policy has become greater than ever, and the Committee has a constructive role to play.” 


“I have been active in the Bretton Woods Committee’s important work since its founding 37 years ago and am wholeheartedly in favor of modernizing its mission so it is well-suited to the post-pandemic landscape,” said Bill Rhodes, Executive Committee. “I have worked closely with both Randy and Emily and appreciate their dedication to the organization. I want to commend Randy for his leadership over the past decade and congratulate Emily on her new role.” 


“Bretton Woods@75 was not just about proposing ways to strengthen the system, but also was intended to revitalize the Committee itself,” said Randy Rodgers. “I’m proud to have led the Committee toward this positive outcome, and felt it was the right time for the next generation of leadership to carry the organization into the future.” 


“I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to lead the Bretton Woods Committee as the Executive Director,” Emily Slater said. “The Committee is poised to build on the momentum of Bretton Woods@75 to meet the latest, unprecedented challenges and execute its enhanced vision and operating model. I look forward to continuing the effort to bring the organization to the next level.” 


About the Bretton Woods Committee 

The Bretton Woods Committee is a nonpartisan network of prominent global citizens who are convinced of the critical importance of international economic cooperation and who work to foster strong, effective Bretton Woods institutions as a powerful means of promoting economic progress and global well-being.  


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