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BWC DIALOGUES - The Withdrawal Heard ‘Round the World: A Conversation on the Implications of the Silicon Valley Bank Failure

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Bretton Woods Committee  | Tue, Mar 21, 2023


“Hope is not a strategy”, BWC Chair Bill Dudley quoted his former colleague Tim Geithner during his conversation with William Coen and Gregory Johnson, arguing that it is not regulation, but implementation and oversight that need to be more efficiently addressed to prevent the next SVB failure. The need for change to uninsured deposits, bank CEOs’ pay, and the run towards alternative asset classes were also discussed on this first episode of the BWC Dialogues by the three experts, who felt that while the crisis has calmed significantly, it is not, and should not be treated as, in the past.

Featured Speakers: 

William C. Dudley, Chair, BWC 
William Coen, Chair, IFRS Advisory Council 
Gregory Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Rubicon Crypto 

Moderated by Elena Tosana, Programs Director, BWC 


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