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Covid-19 ESG Part 2: Taking a Stab at Excess Mortality


Tourmaline Group  | Tue, Oct 13, 2020

by Bianca Taylor


Following the release of our first report, we tried to locate excess mortality data and were disappointed. Thus, we created a perhaps blunt, but nevertheless useful ranking system to find the countries with the highest and lowest COVID-19 mortality risk. We of course recognize that there is a myriad of other variables not considered here that could hamper recovery. Likewise, there are policy responses not covered here that can enhance recovery. Nevertheless, this is a first step. We look forward to sharing further insights in Part 3.

The countries with the lowest mortality risk, and therefore best prospects for a post-pandemic economic recovery are Panama, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Colombia. The countries that appear most compromised by a high excess mortality risk are Turkey, Libya, and India.

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