Henry Owen Memorial Award 2017 Winners Announced

Bretton Woods Committee


The Henry Owen Memorial Award honors Bretton Woods Committee co-founder Henry Owen, and hopes to inspire new generations of thoughtful young leaders to follow Ambassador Owen’s example as both a scholar and diplomat. This Award has been made possible thanks to the generous contributions of Bretton Woods Committee members, friends, and the Owen family.

For this year’s Henry Owen Memorial Award essay contest, graduate students were asked to consider how the Bretton Woods institutions might demonstrate their relevance and the value of international economic integration in light of the rise of recent populist movements and underlying tension with or outright rejection of globalization and the economic tenets championed at the Bretton Woods conference.

The First Place winning essay was titled, “Imperative to Adapt: How Populism Requires Bretton Woods Institutions to Change,” by Abigail Stahl who is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in International Affairs and Comparative and Regional Studies at American University.

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The Second Place essay was written by Brian Matthew Wemple who is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in International Affairs with a concentration in United States Foreign Policy and National Security along with a Graduate Certificate in International Economic Relations at American University.

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We are grateful to Committee members John Donaldson, Mark R. Yzaguirre, and Onno de Beaufort Wijnholds for evaluating the submissions.

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