Henry Owen Memorial Award 2022 Winner Announced

Bretton Woods Committee  | Wed, May 4, 2022


The Bretton Woods Committee would like to congratulate Milton Wong Tze Sheng as the winner of the 2022 Henry Owen Award Memorial Essay Contest!

This contest asked graduate-level students to expand on ways in which the IFIs can work together to adapt to new global challenges and create a resilient, equitable, and sustainable post-pandemic economy. Milton’s essay was well-focused and well-reasoned, and it presented forward-thinking, creative solutions and ideas for IFIs cooperation. 

We encourage you to read Milton’s essay here. It is a great example of the intelligent thought leadership offered by our emerging leaders. Congratulations, Milton! 

The Henry Owen Memorial Award honors Bretton Woods Committee co-founder Henry Owen, and hopes to inspire new generations of thoughtful young leaders to follow Ambassador Owen’s example as both a scholar and diplomat. As Ambassador for Economic Summits under President Jimmy Carter, Henry Owen organized many of the economic summits in the 1970s which came to shape modern international financial and economic institutions, and he was an important force behind the creation of the Trilateral Commission.

This Award has been made possible thanks to the generous contributions of Bretton Woods Committee members, friends, and the Owen family.

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