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Open Blog Call: The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and US-China Relations


Thu, Jul 21, 2022


Open Blog Call

Topic: The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and US-China Relations 

President Biden’s debut tour in Asia took place at a time of complex international dynamics. “We’re navigating a dark hour in our shared history,” President Biden said when meeting the leaders of India, Australia, and Japan. With the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the Asia-Pacific region holds greater strategic significance in the realm of international affairs and economy. 

The White House recently announced a new Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and twelve Indo-Pacific countries have joined representing 40% of world GDP. This is likely to impact the economic and geopolitical dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region, directly affecting the U.S.-China bilateral trade relationship.

BWC wants to hear its members’ take on how President Biden’s recent visit to Asia might shape Asian multilateral economic policy, and how might China respond to Biden's signature economic initiative for the region? 

Submission Guidelines:
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