Regional Spotlight: Populism Shaking EU Foundations?

Date and time
  • Gerard Lyons, Chief Economic Strategist, Netwealth; former Advisor to Mayor Boris Johnson
  • Beatrice Weder di Mauro, Distinguished Fellow in residence, INSEAD Singapore; Professor, University of Mainz
  • Tony Fratto, Partner, Hamilton Place Strategies
  • Populist political movements have spread recently in advanced economies around the world and are on the rise throughout Europe. Rooted in a sense of both national identity and self-determination, the European brand of populism raises questions as to the benefits of an economically integrated European Union (EU) as manifested through the Brexit vote, recent Italian Referendum and pending election, and election campaigns in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. What impact might the ascension of European populist governments have on the future of the European Union, the Eurozone, multilateral institutions, and the global economy?

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