2019 International Council Update

Date and time

To commemorate this year’s 75th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference and to celebrate the release of our Bretton [email protected] Compendium, the Bretton Woods Committee is proud to host the Bretton [email protected] Anniversary Gala Dinner on October 17 in Washington, DC.

The Bretton [email protected] Anniversary Gala Dinner will be a unique event which replaces our traditional fall programming including the International Council. The evening honors 75 years of global economic progress, promotes the forward-looking ideas generated through the Bretton [email protected] dialogue, and seeks to ensure that the Committee is positioned to continue to be effective in its mission for the next generation.

We sincerely hope you will share with us in this celebration of such an important milestone and we look forward to seeing you on October 17!

For more information regarding the Bretton [email protected] Anniversary Gala Dinner and to register to attend, please visit our Gala web page by clicking the button below.