BWC DIALOGUES – Is the Competitiveness of the US Dollar still relevant in Today’s global Landscape?

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BWC is excited to return to our BWC DIALOGUES series with Dante Disparte and William Dudley, in an insightful conversation on the challenges and opportunities surrounding the US dollar's role as preeminent global and reserve currency and its resilience in the face of shifting economic and geopolitical tides. It will also shed light on the prospects and implications of the US dollar's competitiveness in an increasingly multipolar world. 


The BWC Dialogues series aims to provide real-time programming on current events. It will take place on June 23, from 10:00AM ET to 11:00AM ET on Zoom. 


Featured Speakers:  

  • Dante Disparte, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Policy, Circle 
  • William C. Dudley, Chair, BWC and former President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York