Corruption: Global Solutions for a Global Problem

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Zoom Virtual Event I 9:00am ET to 10:15am ET

Corruption operates across borders and industries and at all levels of government, society, and the economy. Its consequences cannot be overstated – it undermines public trust in governments and democratic institutions, increases inequality, and incentivizes criminality. 
The IFIs, the public and private sectors, as well as civil society and NGOs, all play a key role in helping to measure, diagnose and address corruption, and in formulating a global set of anti-corruption norms and standards.
This panel of distinguished experts will bring multi-faceted perspectives to discuss how the global community can tackle the roots of corruption by leveraging innovative governance tools and strategies. 


  • Mr. Edward Olowo-Okere, Director, Governance Global Practice, World Bank
  • Ms. Lisa Kelaart-Courtney, Director, Prevention and Compliance Division, Office of Anticorruption and Integrity, Asian Development Bank
  • Ms. Chinwe Esimai, Managing Director, Chief Anti-Bribery & Corruption Officer, Citi
  • Ms. Hanne Juncher, Executive Secretary, Group of States Against Corruption, GRECO
  • Mr. Frank Vogl, Chairman, Partnership for Transparency Fund, and Author, "The Enablers"

Moderator: William R. Rhodes, Vice Chair, BWC

The event will be on the record, and a video will be made available on our website after the event.

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