Debt Transparency: The Essential Starting Point for Successful Reform

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Virtual Event on Zoom I 9:00am ET

The Bretton Woods Committee is pleased to announce the release of our newest publication, “Debt Transparency: The Essential Starting Point for Successful Reform,” the second in our Sovereign Debt Working Group’s (SDWG) series on improving the global debt resolution architecture.

This paper is a call to action for all stakeholders to implement concrete, actionable recommendations toward greater transparency in acquiring and restructuring sovereign debt, before the next wave of disorderly defaults.

The paper was officially presented by the SDWG Co-Chairs William R. Rhodes and John Lipsky, and by the co-drafters Richard J. Cooper and Mark Walker, in an online session starting at 9:00am ET on January 31st. 

For information, please contact the Secretariat at [email protected].