Financing the Future Roundtable: The Role of IFIs in Development and Climate Finance

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Meridiam Office, Paris, FR

Affiliated to the institutional agenda of the Summit for a New Global Financial Pact in Paris on June 22, the Bretton Woods Committee and Meridiam host a roundtable discussion on the catalytic role of the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in shaping and financing a shared global agenda. In the context of the cumulative climate, health, energy, debt, and inflation crises, it is a critical moment to fundamentally rethink how the multilateral system works to tackle pressing global challenges.  


Within this agenda, several issues demand urgent attention: 

  • Establishing a global policy framework that is inclusive of the needs and priorities of all countries;  
  • Reshaping the international financial architecture to better deliver outcomes for economic growth and the provision of global public goods;  
  • And mobilizing all resources – public, private, and philanthropic – to meet financing needs.  


BWC’s Financing the Future Roundtable serves as a pivotal platform for collaborative discussions on building an inclusive, shared global agenda and how to best finance it. BWC will present its analytical work and seek valuable feedback from a cross-section of stakeholders and Summit participants on two key topics: 1) the role of the IFIs in leveraging public and private resources toward the net-zero agenda in low-income and emerging markets, 2) the catalytic role of the IFIs in enabling inclusive and sustainable growth.