Future of Finance Forum 2024

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UBS Singapore Office, Singapore
Event Time is +12hrs ET


The Bretton Woods Committee’s Future of Finance Forum is an annual half-day conference that brings together policymakers, regulators, industry experts and practitioners, to discuss emerging topics, trends and technologies shaping the financial services ecosystem. As an economically powerful region on the cutting edge of financial innovation, the conference rotates among Asian financial centers. The inaugural edition of the Forum took place in Singapore in 2022 and in Hong Kong in 2023. The third edition of the Forum will once again return to Singapore in 2024.


The global financial landscape is settling into a higher-for-longer interest rate environment and finding its footing in a world of slower growth and significant geopolitical tension. The fact that the banking episodes in the US and the failure of Credit Suisse, a G-SIB and the most significant failure since 2008, did not trigger a global systemic crisis last year suggests that the regulatory framework is fundamentally sound. Nevertheless, last year’s events have sparked a renewed debate on how to refine the regulatory framework.

Technological innovation and the rapid flow of information now present both opportunities and challenges to financial operators and regulators. Whether technological innovations become positives or negatives for the global financial system depends on how those operators and regulators respond. This year, the Future of Finance Forum returns to Singapore, a city that sits at the cross-section of finance and innovation. The forum will take a realistic look at the global economic outlook, how to overcome current obstacles, and how innovation can be leveraged as a tool to promote growth and stability.