Congressional Outreach

“It is important that the United States support [the IFIs] because of the returns it will bring to the nation going forward.”
– Letter from fourteen former U.S Secretaries and Congressmen to House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Coordinated by the Bretton Woods Committee in October 2011

Throughout the year, the Committee works to educate Congressional Committees, Members of Congress, and their staffs about the important leadership role of the United States in the international financial institutions (IFIs) and the critical, positive impact of the IFIs on the national security and economic prosperity of the United States.

On occasion, the Committee will bring together members from across the political spectrum to discuss important legislation with Members of Congress and their staffs, such as the need for sufficient IFI funding during times of global economic distress and the pursuit of trade policies that support U.S. objectives while encouraging developing nations’ growth and stability. Committee efforts have helped to clarify why engagement in and leadership through the IFIs are important for the United States.

With its Congressional Outreach, the Committee seeks to:

  • Explain the important and beneficial relationship between the United States and the international financial institutions and
  • Bring together members and friends to discuss important legislative matters concerning the IFIs.