IMF and World Bank Spring Meeting Accreditation Required - Bretton Woods Committee Annual Meeting

Important Information for Bretton Woods Committee 2019 Annual Meeting

Please note that in order to access the Annual Meeting program being held at the International Monetary Fund, you must separately register and be accredited for the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings. If you have not already registered and been accredited for the IMF/WB Spring Meetings through your company or your country delegation, simply follow the guidance below to register:

1. Access the IMF/WB online registration form here: IMF/WB Spring Meeting Registration

2. Locate the Guests tab. If you have an existing IMFConnect account, select the IMFConnect Guests and Previous Attendees icon on the left and complete your registration in that portal. If you do not have an existing IMFConnect account, select the IMF Connect icon on the right to register through the International Monetary Fund guest portal. Do not register through the World Bank portal.

3. Complete all mandatory fields and submit the form online (Note: you must provide a company website if you are using a personal e-mail address rather than a business e-mail. If necessary, you may enter the Bretton Woods Committee’s website:

4. In the reason for attending, check "participation in IMF seminars and events"

5. In additional details box, please enter the following sentence: “Attending Bretton Woods Committee Meeting.”

You must complete the IMF/WB Spring Meeting registration and accreditation process as soon as possible and no later than April 5, 2019 in order to access the Bretton Woods Committee Annual Meeting. Because the clearance process may take up to two weeks, Guests are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.