Mission, Vision, Values


The Bretton Woods Committee is the preeminent non-profit organization dedicated to effective global economic and financial cooperation.

Towards this end, we demonstrate the value of multilateralism and improve the performance of the international financial institutions (IFIs) through the public dialogue, advocacy, and policy analysis.


To continue to advance this mission and live these values in the world, we envision a Committee that:

  • Clearly demonstrates its mission and value proposition,
  • Fosters a sense of identity and purpose among its members,
  • Weighs issues of importance to the Bretton Woods Institutions and actively seeks opportunities to positively advance their evolution,
  • Is proactive and deliberate in its messaging, planning, and engagement,
  • Creates an environment for multidirectional conversation within its community,
  • Has a large and diverse membership base, and
  • Has large and diverse revenue streams.

To reach this vision, the Committee will pursue four goals within its charter that align the Committee’s work to its mission and vision.


We recognize the fundamental interconnectedness of all people through global economic systems, structures, and institutions. We believe that collaboration to remove barriers, create accessibility, and promote understanding among these actors yields greater prosperity than could be achieved separately.

We value the distinctive role of the Bretton Woods Institutions to spur global economic growth, alleviate poverty, expand trade, and foster financial stability. We seek to advance their efforts and to continuously challenge them to enhance their legitimacy and effectiveness.

We believe the Committee’s credibility is drawn from the considerable expertise and diversity of its members and from maintaining a nonpartisan perspective. We seek to harness our collective talents in order to catalyze the Bretton Woods Institutions to make a more positive and profound impact on the world.