Bipartisan Group of Former Officials Urges Congress to Maintain Leadership Role in the IMF

A bipartisan group of top former Cabinet, executive, and legislative officials recently urged Congress to maintain current overall U.S. leadership in the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The signers to the letter, coordinated by the Bretton Woods Committee, include former Treasury Secretaries Nicholas Brady, Henry Paulson, and Lawrence Summers, as well as national leaders from both parties who support the IMF, because of the returns it brings to our nation.

Their letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid highlighted the critical role the IMF plays in:

  • Advancing U.S. economic interests at home and business opportunities abroad
  • Promoting national security interests
  • Sustaining global leadership and influence in international monetary policy and affairs.

“A stronger IMF, driven by U.S. leadership, supports U.S. and global interests,” they wrote. “We therefore urge the Congress to continue its longstanding, bipartisan support of the International Monetary Fund for our self-interest and for the good of the global system.”

Read their letter now.

For more information, contact the Committee's Executive Director Randy Rodgers at (202) 331-1616.