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Working Groups

The Working Group is preparing recommendations to improve the sovereign debt resolution architecture and to prevent future crises.

The Working Group drives the Committee’s efforts to educate U.S. policymakers on the importance of the international financial institutions and continued U.S. support.

This Working Group will seek to address a range of topics and trends impacting the future of finance.

Member Spotlight

Emerging market asset managers are eager to put this year behind them after double-digit stock and bond index losses and net outflows from their funds.

There's a lot of about the crypto industry after the collapse of industry giant FTX. Rubicon Crypto CEO Greg Johnson talks about what it means for the industry.

o The unfolding trade, tech and cold wars between the US, China and their allies risk eroding the international rules-based architecture
o Without a system for connection and exchange, economies will shrink, cooperation will wither and global crises will mount

Multilateral Development Bank balance sheet management with structured financings is still in its infancy but a number of path-breaking deals show the way. Two are by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and one by  International Finance Corporation (IFC) though there have also been some others.

The ratings of African governments have allowed a robust Eurobond market for African sovereign bonds with over $300 billion issued in the last couple of decades.

The annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank wrapped up on 16 October. Washington DC’s economy is richer for it. Its citizens are relieved the extreme traffic mess – even by DC standards – has abated. Thousands of delegates packed into innumerable meetings, seeing each other face-to-face often for the first time in years. Gloomy views were reinforced, while DC’s liquor stocks were drawn down. Whether much was learned is a different matter.