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Work Program

The Working Group is addressing how the multilateral system can be strengthened to address 21st century global challenges.

The Working Group is preparing recommendations to improve the sovereign debt resolution architecture and to prevent future crises.

The Working Group drives the Committee’s efforts to educate U.S. policymakers on the importance of the international financial institutions and continued U.S. support.

This Working Group will seek to address a range of topics and trends impacting the future of finance.

The BWC Blog aims to help global leaders envision how to evolve and strengthen the multilateral financial system and encourage policymakers to strengthen international economic cooperation.

In this educational podcast from the BWC, Nancy Jacklin, longtime BWC member and former US Executive Director of the IMF, sits down with experts for the benefit of non-experts interested in the Bretton Woods Institutions and other IFIs because of their educational pursuits, employment, or just their curiosity. 

Member Spotlight

BWC advisory council member Jean-Claude Trichet recently joined an episode of Bloomberg Voternomics to discuss the recent French parliamentary snap elections. "'The worst has been avoided' but now France must embark on a 'very complex maturing process.'"

BWC member Gary Kleiman writes that thanks "largely to a young professional heavy local investment community outraged by their elders... Sri Lankan professionals should be proud they helped find a partial way out of the traditional template trap."

BWC member Alejo Czerwonko writes for the World Economic Forum that the dollar and US financial markets "remain the bedrock of the global financial system; any sudden loss of confidence in them would inflict severe economic and financial pain worldwide."

The year 2024 marks a major milestone for the crypto industry within the European Union and beyond as MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation) enters into application.

"Africa embodies the agenda of the [global south]; its progress drives that of the [global south]", writes BWC member Hung Tran in a piece for the Policy Center for the New South that lays out the geopolitical and economic potential of Africa in the coming decades. 

BWC chair Bill Dudley writes for Bloomberg Opinion "don’t fret about the immediate effect on money markets" but "do fear that the bond vigilantes will reawaken."

All views expressed by members are their own and not reflective of the views of the Bretton Woods Committee.