Work Program

The Working Group is preparing recommendations to improve the sovereign debt resolution architecture and to prevent future crises.

The Working Group drives the Committee’s efforts to educate U.S. policymakers on the importance of the international financial institutions and continued U.S. support.

This Working Group will seek to address a range of topics and trends impacting the future of finance.

Member Spotlight

BWC member Paul Sheard's new book The Power of Money recently reached The Wall Street Journal's bestselling list for business books.

Bretton Woods Committee congratulates Paul on this achievement!

BWC member Jonathan Everhart was recently selected for the Brown University School of Professional Studies Master's Award for Professional Excellence for his significant accomplishments in the fields of finance, the digital economy, and ESG.

The U.S. dollar, or greenback, is a ubiquitous, nearly universally accepted global currency. Like
the country that backs it, the dollar is endowed with special superpowers that are equal

BWC member Daniela Bassan provided an update where she states that policy intervention is needed to close the, "significant gap in domestic-owned intellectual property in Canada ... and corresponding levels of R&D investment"

BWC member Hung Tran was recently interviewed by NPR Planet Money's The Indicator to help break down the essential things to know about money market funds, why they're important to the financial system, and why a default could destabilize this crucial piece of infrastructure.

BWC member Harry Broadman writes that "executives... should not have been taken aback" by China's aggressive policy.

"They either did not do their homework... or they chose to ignore information presented to them about the increasing downside risks."