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Work Program

The Working Group is addressing how the multilateral system can be strengthened to address 21st century global challenges.

The Working Group is preparing recommendations to improve the sovereign debt resolution architecture and to prevent future crises.

The Working Group drives the Committee’s efforts to educate U.S. policymakers on the importance of the international financial institutions and continued U.S. support.

This Working Group will seek to address a range of topics and trends impacting the future of finance.

The BWC Blog aims to help global leaders envision how to evolve and strengthen the multilateral financial system and encourage policymakers to strengthen international economic cooperation.

In this educational podcast from the BWC, Nancy Jacklin, longtime BWC member and former US Executive Director of the IMF, sits down with experts for the benefit of non-experts interested in the Bretton Woods Institutions and other IFIs because of their educational pursuits, employment, or just their curiosity. 

Member Spotlight

BWC chair William C. Dudley writes for Bloomberg Opinion that markets are too calm about the idea of a second Trump presidency.

"It's not easy for a single president to undermine the central bank’s independence, but the mere attempt can do a lot of damage."


BWC member Samim Ghamami writes in a piece called US Treasury Market Resilience and Central Clearing that "under robust capital regulation, governance, and risk management frameworks, central counterparties may reduce risks to the stability of the Treasury market."


During the IMF Spring Meetings on 16-18 April, while timidly celebrating the 80-year anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference where the

Lastly this week we welcome new member Wen-Wen Lindroth, head of global industrial credit at GIC Private Limited.

Wen-Wen leads a team of analysts in Singapore, New York, and London.

We appreciate her support for our work, and we look forward to her engagement!

This week we also welcome new member Samy Muaddi, head of emerging markets fixed income at T. Rowe Price.

Samy has worked in a variety of capacities at T. Rowe Price for over eighteen years.

We appreciate his support for our work, and we look forward to his engagement!

This week we welcome new member SaMee Harden, professor at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law.

SaMee is a former White House fellow and US Department of Justice senior legal counsel.