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Member Spotlight

Undoubtedly the coronavirus will bring transformational change to all aspects of our lives, but the impact on global politics will be dire. This week we got a glimpse into how populist-nationalist governments, which continue to be on the rise, will respond to the pandemic.

Diana Farrell, Fiona Greig, and Chris Wheat give insights from five years of big data research.

Gary Kleiman is a recognized expert in the field of global emerging economies and financial markets. This blog is part of a special series on the coronavirus.

Dr. Coats (Ph.D. U of Chicago) retired from the IMF in 2003 as Assistant Director of Monetary and Exchange Department having joined the institution in 1975. This blog is part of a special series on the coronavirus.

Speaking at the Hyperledger Global Forum 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona, the World Economic Forum’s head of blockchain and data policy, Sheila Warren, discussed blockchain’s potential to solve real-world problems. 

The global economy will go into recession this year. The downturn will be sudden and sharp. And although a constructive response from policymakers, companies, and households could limit its duration, its effects will be felt for decades to come.