Sovereign Debt Working Group

The Sovereign Debt Working Group (SDWG) serves as a working group whose goal is to address the weaknesses in the sovereign debt architecture, which were exposed in the wake of the pandemic. This group of economic, financial, and legal experts is tasked with reforming the current sovereign debt system while keeping transparency and private sector involvement in mind when providing their recommendations.

The SDWG is working to publish a series of reports, which will provide countries and policymakers with recommendations in the areas of sovereign debt, debt transparency, equitable burden sharing, private sector participation, and state-contingent debt instruments. 


I – Sovereign Debt: A Critical Challenge

     In the News:
Reuters: Sovereign Debt Distress Rise Prompts Bretton Woods Group Action Plan, (6 April 2021)

II – Debt Transparency: The Essential Starting Point for Successful Reform

      In the News:
Financial Times: Act Now to Prevent a New Sovereign Debt Crisis in the Developing World, By William R. Rhodes & John Lipsky (23 March, 2022)
Wall Street Journal: Stemming a Sovereign Debt Crisis, By William R. Rhodes and John Lipsky (31 January, 2022)
Bloomberg: How to Prevent the Coming Sovereign Debt Crisis, By William C. Dudley (31 January, 2022)
Oxford University Press Capital Markets Law Journal: Debt Transparency: The Essential Starting Point for Successful Reform, (8 June, 2022)
Financial Times: Argentina's IMF Deal Offers a Warning on Emerging Market Debt, (3 February 2022)
South China Morning Post: China's Backing for Global Debt Transparency Crucial to Contain Covid-Induced Stress in Emerging Markets, (31 January 2022)
Devex: As Defaults Loom, Calls Mount for G-20 to Tackle Debt Transparency, (1 February 2022)
Financial Times: Letter: Too many sovereign borrowers still fail the corruption test, (March 27 2022)
Financial Times: Unsafe at any price, (April 13 2022)
Keeping an Eye on Global Transparency: G-20 Effort on Debt Transparency Comes Up Short; Do Other Solutions Exist? (August 11 2022)

Shoring Up Debt Sustainability, April 6, 2022 – Watch Video Here
Debt Transparency: The Essential Starting Point for Successful Reform, January 31, 2022 – Watch Video Here
Preventing a Global Debt Crisis, Annual Meeting 2021 – Watch Video Here

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