Each year, the Bretton Woods Committee organizes conferences, seminars, and educational activities, many of which are designed to reach a broad public audience while others offer members the opportunity to network and exchange views on key issues in the fields of international finance, trade, and development.

Flagship Events

Flagship Events – the Annual Meeting and International Council – are the Bretton Woods Committee’s signature annual large-scale gatherings of global leaders aimed to discuss key issues in international finance, global economic development, and trade as well as explore how to improve the strength and effectiveness of the international financial institutions. Flagship Events take place alongside the International Monetary Fund/World Bank Group Annual and Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C., and every third-year in another country.

Policy Initiatives

As part of its mission to foster strong and effective Bretton Woods institutions as forces for global well-being, the Bretton Woods Committee engages the U.S. government on issues related to the work of the IFIs. Policy initiatives include Congressional Education seminars for Members of Congress and their staffs which serve to provide general information on the purpose and operations of the IFIs, as well as Policy Outreach through which the Committee communicates with key U.S. government officials regarding specific policy positions or legislation concerning the IFIs.

Recurring Series

The Committee hosts several established Recurring Series that discuss emerging topics and trends within the global trade, finance, and development sectors. Events are held in the United States, internationally, and virtually in a variety of formats, including roundtable discussions, panels and virtual conferences.


Strategic Initiatives

Periodically, the Bretton Woods Committee undertakes special endeavors to remain at the forefront of global thought leadership on the international economic architecture. Strategic initiatives may utilize the breadth of the Committee’s activities – large conferences, roundtables, receptions, dinner discussions, publications, membership dialogues, award galas, etc.