Each year, the Bretton Woods Committee organizes conferences, seminars, and educational activities, many of which are designed to reach a broad public audience while others offer members the opportunity to network and exchange views on key issues in the fields of international finance, trade, and development.

Flagship Events

Flagship Events – the Spring Summit, Annual Meeting, and Future of Finance Forum – are the Bretton Woods Committee’s signature annual large-scale gatherings of global leaders aimed to discuss key issues in international finance, global economic development, and trade while exploring how to improve the strength and effectiveness of the international financial institutions. The Spring Summit and Annual Meeting take place alongside the World Bank and IMF Spring and Annual Meetings while the Future of Finance Forum is hosted in Asia.

Special Project Working Groups

Special Projects are strategic initiatives designed to respond to salient and emerging issues. Special Project Working Groups produce reports and publications with unbiased analysis and policy prescriptions on ways in which the multilateral system – and the institutions that comprise it – can be strengthened and made more effective.

Standing Working Groups

The Bretton Woods Committee has four Standing Working Groups who lead BWC activities on the organization’s core issue areas, including U.S. policy and legislation, finance, trade, and development. Working Groups organize roundtables, seminars, conferences, and other events to analyze and make policy recommendations on the topics and trends impacting the future of finance, international trade and global development.