Trade Working Group


The International Trade Working Group is forthcoming.

The Working Group will convene leaders across private, public and multilateral sectors to discuss emerging topics and innovative trends across the landscape of international trade.

The International Trade Working Group seeks to:

  • Evaluate emerging trends and contribute to the thought leadership of innovative global trade policy;
  • Enhance dialogue and collaboration among private, public, civil society, and multilateral actors who affect the trade landscape;
  • Consider prudent global trade rules, domestic trade policies, and opportunities for improving international trade mechanisms;
  • Encourage the World Trade Organization and its member governments to promote trade openness and multilateral cooperation.

The International Trade Working Group will cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Current forces shaping global trade (e.g. trade negotiations, global and regional economic integration, global production chains, protectionist movements, labor market dislocation, productivity and technology, geopolitical instability, climate change, etc.)
  • Innovative instruments for increasing international trade (e.g. international dispute settlement mechanisms, trade inclusion of women and informal sector workers, technical assistance for building trade capacity, etc.)
  • The role of global trade actors (e.g. global trade leadership, the World Trade Organization, new and broadening trade blocs, emerging and developing economies, etc.)