Future of Finance Working Group

Established in December 2021 and co-chaired by Afsaneh Beschloss and William C. Dudley, the Future of Finance Working Group convenes leaders in the private, public, and multilateral sectors to discuss and evaluate emerging trends, challenges, opportunities, and ideas within the realm of global finance.

This Working Group aims to:

  • Evaluate emerging trends and disruption occurring across the global financial services landscape
  • Enhance dialogue and collaboration among private, public, and multilateral financial actors
  • Consider prudent financial practices, policies, and opportunities for regulatory harmonization
  • Encourage international financial institutions (IFIs) and their member governments to promote open and integrated markets, international commerce and trade, and investment and growth opportunities

The FFWG currently has two project teams: Digital Finance and Climate and Energy Transition Finance


Digital Finance Project Team

The FFWG Digital Finance Project Team (DFPT), led by William C. Dudley and Carolyn Wilkins, will publish a series of policy briefs analyzing the benefits of digital finance technologies and making recommendations on how to effectively regulate digital currencies and crypto assets without stifling innovation. 


Brief I - State of Play in Crypto Markets: Opportunities and Dangers 

Watch the official release event here

Bloomberg: Crypto Advocates Should Be Begging for Regulation


Brief II - Emerging Crypto Ecosystem and Positive Use Cases 

Listen to the CoinDesk Money Reimagined Podcast Release Episode Here


Brief III - DeFi Technology: Opportunities and Challenges 


Brief IV - Investor Protection, Market Integrity, and Financial Stability in Digital Finance


Brief V - Governance Issues in the Crypto Ecosystem

Listen to Circle's The Money Movement Podcast featuring Richard Berner

Risk.net: Beyond trustless: strong governance in crypto is needed


Brief VI - Deep Dive: Investor Protection and Market Integrity

Financial Times: The DeFi world faces a jarring transition


Brief VII - Security Issues with Crypto - AML/BSA/CFT

Read the report here


Brief VIII - Central Bank Digital Currencies

Bloomberg: Virtual Cash Will Survive the Crypto Winter

Bloomberg: Bloomberg Talks: Bill Dudley on Crypto


Climate and Energy Transition Finance Project Team

The FFWG Climate and Energy Transition Finance Project Team (CETF), led by Afsaneh Beschloss and Creon Butler, will explore how to best mobilize the financing required (public, private and multilateral) to achieve net zero.


Brief I - The Role of Multilateral Development Banks in Closing the Climate and Energy Transition Finance Gap


Brief II - The role of the wider economic system in boosting public and private climate finance

Brief III - Debt distress and the role of China



For further information or to get involved in the FFWG, please contact tsmith@brettonwoods.org.