Future of Finance Working Group


The Future of Finance Working Group (FFWG) was established in Fall 2021 and is co-chaired by Afsaneh Beschloss and William Dudley.  The FFWG held its initial meeting on December 15, 2021.

The Working Group convenes leaders across private, public and multilateral sectors to discuss emerging topics and explore implications of innovative trends within the global financial industry.

The Future of Finance Working Group seeks to:

  • Evaluate emerging trends and disruption occurring across the global financial services landscape;
  • Enhance dialogue and collaboration among private, public, and multilateral financial actors;
  • Consider prudent financial practices, policies, and opportunities for regulatory harmonization;
  • Encourage international financial institutions (IFIs) and their member governments to promote open and integrated markets, international commerce and trade, and opportunities for investment and growth.

The Future of Finance Working Group has established two Project Teams covering respectively Digital Currencies, and Climate Finance.

Following the release of the President’s Working Group’s Stablecoins Report (Press Release), FFWG co-chairs Bill Dudley and Afsaneh Beschloss have been meeting with the U.S. policymaking and regulatory community to inform BWC's Digital Currency Project Team on pressing issues and priorities.

Similar consultations will be held in January 2022 with U.S. and international regulators on the topic of climate finance.

The Digital Currencies Project Team and the Climate Finance Project Team will convene separately in January 2022, to coordinate and develop their action plans.

For information, please contact Elena Tosana at [email protected].