Future of Finance Forum


The Bretton Woods Committee’s Future of Finance Forum, our newest flagship event in Asia, assembles public, private, and multilateral leaders to discuss how digital technologies are re-shaping the financial services system and revolutionizing the global financial architecture.  

The Future of Finance Forum (FFF) is one of the Bretton Woods Committee’s (BWC) newest initiatives, inspired by the rapidly growing prominence of digital technology and cryptocurrency in our global financial systems. 

The inaugural event in 2022 was co-hosted in Singapore in partnership with DBS. 

Invited speakers are leading experts in the field of global finance, representing some of the most reputable financial institutions in the world and the Asia-Pacific region. Together with members of the BWC, FFF speakers will explore the evolving financial technology ecosystem and reflect how to effectively support the IFI’s in adapting to a new age of global financialization through international cooperation and coordination. Past conferences have produced meaningful dialogue surrounding the following questions: 

  • How can the fintech ecosystem best integrate with the existing architecture? 
  • What global policies are needed to address the risks of digitization while preserving the benefits of innovation? 
  • Which institutions are best positioned to define the rules of the road for the new digital finance ecosystem? 

We are currently in the process of planning the Future of Finance Forum for 2023, which will take place this December. Kindly follow @BrettonWoodsCom on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates, or please continue to check our website regularly.