Future of Finance Forum


The Future of Finance Forum is a global dialogue for leaders across private, public and multilateral sectors to discuss emerging topics and explore implications of innovative trends within the global financial industry.

The Future of Finance Forum seeks to:

  • Evaluate emerging trends and disruption occurring across the global financial services landscape;
  • Enhance dialogue and collaboration among private, public, and multilateral financial actors;
  • Consider prudent financial practices, policies, and opportunities for regulatory harmonization;
  • Encourage international financial institutions (IFIs) and their member governments to promote open and integrated markets, international commerce and trade, and opportunities for investment and growth.

The Future of Finance Forum covers a wide variety of emerging and disruptive topics, including:

  • Innovative forces impacting financial services (e.g. digital; big data; AI; blockchain, P2P, shifting customer preferences such as mobile, cashless transactions, millennials, etc.)
  • Financial functions, activities and instruments (e.g. payments, remittances, deposits, lending, insuring, market provisioning, capital markets and flows, currencies, etc.)
  • Financial participants (e.g. traditional financial institutions, new entrants, banks, insurers, asset managers, intermediaries, sovereigns, multilateral, regulators, consumers, etc.)