BWC Dialogues

Introducing the BWC Dialogues Series – an exclusive platform for our members to exchange opinions, explore ideas, and gain invaluable insights into real-time events and critical issues. This virtual series facilitates enriching peer-to-peer conversations, providing a forum to discuss current events while also affording attendees the opportunity to pose questions.

In its inaugural run, the BWC Dialogues discussed the US dollar competitiveness and delved into significant topics including the reverberations of the Silicon Valley Bank failure and the ensuing regulatory landscape.

The Dialogues series harnesses the collective expertise of BWC's membership, effectively engaging with pivotal events in the realm of international finance. We encourage your input through topic suggestions and welcome your willingness to contribute as a speaker. For further involvement, please do not hesitate to contact us at


From Crypto to t+1: A Fireside Chat with SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce

Featuring: Bill Dudley, Gregory Johnson, and Hester Peirce

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A.I. and The Future of Money

Featuring: Bill Dudley and Michael Greenwald

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Public Trust: The Role of the Private Sector in Sovereign Digital Currency

Featuring: J. Christopher Giancarlo and Gregory Johnson

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Is the Competitiveness of the US Dollar still relevant in Today’s global Landscape?
   Featuring: Dante Disparte & William C. Dudley

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FED Up: Does the First Republic Failure Tip the Scales for Tighter Banking Regulation?
    Featuring: Hayley Boesky, William C. Dudley & William R. Rhodes

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The Withdrawal Heard ‘Round the World: A Conversation on the Implications of the Silicon Valley Bank Failure
    Featuring: William C. Dudley, William Coen & Gregory Johnson

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