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In these times of information overload it is easy to overlook groundbreaking news.

In our multicurrency world, the U.S. dollar is widely used for pricing internationally traded goods, for international payments, and for denominating the assets governments and companies hold as reserves. Why is that and what are its implications for U.S. behavior?

Today, there are some estimates of the climate funding needs for African projects of some $3 trillion by 2030. There is also the view that this funding can be harnessed from institutional investors if the investments were “de-risked”. Therefore, the search is on to fund such de-risking.
So the question is raised: how much de-risking capital is needed? A back of the envelop number is ~ $750 billion as we see below (about 25%).

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Washington, DC – April 22, 2022) - The Bretton Woods Committee is pleased to announce the release of our newest publication: “State of Play in Crypto Markets: Opportunitie

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Washington D.C.- 04/19/2022) - The Bretton Woods Committee will host its 2022 Annual Meeting from April 19-22.

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