Bretton Woods@75 Dialogue: Whither the Global Financial System?

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Morgan Stanley
1585 Broadway
New York, New York

After decades of wars, depressions, and nationalist tendencies, the Bretton Woods Conference created a global system of institutions and rules based on international economic and financial cooperation, with the objective of promoting peace and stability. The system has been relatively successful since then. Today, the question is whether the Bretton Woods spirit is being weakened by nationalist tendencies among many countries or whether this development is a passing phase. In any event, what might be the future of the international financial system, specifically both the private sector banking system and the governmental central banking system? The most immediate and acute issue today is the impact of the Brexit case, but other serious cases affecting the international financial system may well develop in the days ahead. Given this perspective, what is the outlook for the future?

We hope you’ll join us for a lively conversation amongst our featured guests and event participants over breakfast.

Featured Guests:

Colm Kelleher, President, Morgan Stanley

William C. Dudley, Former President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Jonathan Pruzan, Chief Financial Officer, Morgan Stanley


Richard A. Debs, Chair, International Council, Bretton Woods Committee & Advisory Director, Morgan Stanley

This event is part of our Bretton Woods@75 initiative – a global dialogue to honor 75 years of economic progress and to revitalize the spirit of Bretton Woods now and for the future.

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