IC15 IMF and World Bank Registration

Important Information for Bretton Woods Committee 2015 International Council

Please note that in order to access the International Council program being held at the Convention Center, you will need to register and be accredited for the IMF/ World Bank Annual Meetings. If you have not already registered and been accredited for the IMF/WB Annual Meetings through your company, simply follow the guidance below to register:

1- Access the IMF/WB online registration form here: https://www-amsweb-ext.imf.org/guest-ext/registration.aspx
2- Complete all mandatory fields and submit the form online (Note: you must provide a company website if you do not have a business e-mail and are using a personal e-mail address. If this is the case, you may enter the Bretton Woods Committee’s website: www.brettonwoods.org)
3- Choose IMF Guest
4- In the brief reason to participate, please enter the following sentence: “Invited to attend the Bretton Woods Committee meeting on October 10, 2015”

You must complete the IMF/WB Annual Meeting registration and accreditation process in order to access the Bretton Woods Committee International Council meeting by September 25, 2015. If you do not meet this deadline, the Committee is unable to provide any registration assistance and has no influence over the accreditation process.

We look forward to seeing you in Lima.