Issue Area Seminars

“The Committee’s distinguished leadership in international economic matters, including its work to broaden general understanding of the multilateral institutions, is an outstanding example of public service.”
– President George H.W. Bush, Honorary Committee Chairman

Through in-person and web-based seminars, the Committee brings members and friends together to explore current issues in the fields of trade, finance, and development. Many events are open to the public, while others offer members special opportunities to provide direct and candid feedback to the leaders of the international financial institutions, governments, and other actors.

With these seminars, the Committee seeks to:

  • Educate members and friends about key developments in the fields of international finance, trade, and development,
  • Offer a forum in which to debate and discuss the most effective ways to promote financial stability and prosperity, combat poverty, and increase economic opportunities worldwide, and
  • Provide advice, support, and constructive criticism to leaders working on important international issues.