Siddharth Tiwari

Fellow, Chatham House; Senior Advisor to India’s G20 Presidency and Vice-President of the International Finance Forum

For over 3 decades, Siddharth Tiwari has been a thought leader, global policy maker and a member of senior management teams in large, complex, global financial institutions and his work has spanned across 5 continents. He is currently a Fellow at the Chatham House, Senior Advisor to India’s G20 Presidency and Vice-President of the International Finance Forum. At various phases during his career, Mr. Tiwari has headed the Bank for International Settlements’ Asia and Pacific Office in Hong Kong, been the Executive Secretary of the G20 Eminent Persons Group in Singapore, as well as had a career in the IMF that included assignments as Director of Strategy Policy and Review, Secretary of the IMF, Chief of Staff for the Managing Director, and Head of Country Operations in Africa amongst others, and held a senior academic appointment. In these roles, he has spearheaded efforts to reform the international monetary and financial system, integrating advances in technology with finance with a focus on the governance of the system; shaped institutional responses to mitigate the adverse impact emanating from the global commons (pandemic and climate); led the strategy and design of global financial architecture; directed policy and lending operations; managed a large international Board of Directors; implemented deep institutional restructuring; headed multibillion dollar investment committees;  and, managed billion-dollar budgets. With substantial global experience in Asia, Mr. Tiwari has led engagements between and within international bodies (G-7 and the G20), public sector, think tanks, philanthropies, civil society, financial markets, media, and academia.

Mr. Tiwari holds degrees in Economics from the University of Chicago, the London School of Economics and the University of Delhi.