Henry Owen Memorial Award 2019 Winners Announced

Sun, Apr 7, 2019


The Henry Owen Memorial Award honors Bretton Woods Committee co-founder Henry Owen, and hopes to inspire new generations of thoughtful young leaders to follow Ambassador Owen’s example as both a scholar and diplomat. This Award has been made possible thanks to the generous contributions of Bretton Woods Committee members, friends, and the Owen family.

For this year’s Henry Owen Memorial Award essay contest graduate students were asked how the Bretton Woods institutions can evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century global economy and revive the spirit of international cooperation for the future?

The First Place winning essay - The Resilience of Bretton Woods Institutions: Maintaining Multilateralism in a Connected, Opinionable World - was authored by Stephanie Tarnovetchi, an M.A. candidate at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Read the Essay

The Second Place winning essay – A Crisis of FaithHow The Bretton Woods System Can Evolve & Restore Confidence In Its Message Of International Economic Cooperation - was authored by Noah Yosif, an M.A. candidate at George Washington University. Read the Essay

We are extremely grateful to Committee members Bessma Momani, Danny Leipziger, and John Donaldson for serving on this year’s essay evaluation committee.