International Council 2022 in-person day at the IMF

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Bretton Woods Committee  | Wed, Oct 12, 2022


On October 12, International Council 2022 in-person sessions took place on-site the IMF campus. World Bank President David Malpass joined BWC Vice-Chair John Lipsky to discuss the Bank's Outlook in the midst of several converging international development issues - the Ukraine conflict, the resulting food & energy crisis, the global debt crisis, and climate change. IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva joined Lipsky to discuss the Fund's global outlook – persistent supply-side disturbances fueling inflation, war’s effects on energy markets, and vulnerabilities that emerging markets and developing economies face with respect to the monetary policy tightening and rising inflation – and how the IMF is supporting countries in need. United States Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen joined BWC Chair William C. Dudley to discuss the Administration's priorities for the international economy, particularly in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, and how a “New Bretton Woods” can be implemented to make multilateralism more effective in meeting today’s global challenges.  

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